CHEF IT UP party places are peanut & tree nut free, therefore no outside food is permitted.  Birthday cakes are not needed as each guest decorates a cupcake that is used when we sing.  While a drop-off is suggested you can order additional food for any of the adults that stay behind with you from our menu below.  Please contact your party host to place your order at least 1 week prior to your party.  If food allergies are present we strongly encourage you to contact the party host of Chef It Up!



- Large Plain Pizza: $15.00 (Add Topping: $2.00 extra per pie)
- Bagel Platter: $25.00 (a mix of 1 doz bagels sliced and with cream cheese & butter on side)
- Sandwich Platter: (serves 8-10) $55.00 (we can customize this)
- Cheese Platter with Grapes & Mixed Olives: $35.00  (serves 8-10)
- Cold Vegetable Platter served with Dip: $35.00 (serves 8-10)
- Tossed Salad (1/2 tray) with Italian Dressing: $ $30.00 (serves 8-10)

- 16 Gourmet Cupcake platter (8 vanilla frosted w/ sprinkles & 8 chocolate frosted w/ choc. chips $20
- Chips snack bag size: $0.50 each
- Chips by the bowl: $3.00 per bowl (potato, cheese doodles; pretzels)
- Chips & Salsa platter: $6.00
- Bottled water: $1.00 each
- Cans of soda: $1.00 each
- Juice boxes: $1.00 each
- Coffee, complimentary

Party Favors

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